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AE Talents is a cutting edge oraganization providing its best in class services on project planning, project implementation, project upgradation and project management services in differnet domains and verticals in the Information Technology arena. AE Talents is a group of companies where our partners are top notch stalwarts in their domains in the services. We have been flying high with our cutting edge services in minimal time, cost and supervision.

AE Talents within the umbrella of AE Talents Group is an amalgamation of companies across differnet geographical locations and facilities across India where our partner companies work tirelessly on providing services to our customers 24*7. We have been playing a crucial role in keeping our customers in the top run while their competitors are at rest.

Project Consulting Services

Business Analysis & Project Management

Business Analysis and Project Management is the most important but sometimes overlooked function within an organization. Through Business Analysis companies identify and define business needs and provide relevant solutions to the problems. The solutions may include process improvement or strategic planning. A good Business Analysis can effectively speak the language of business and that of technology, working as a translator between the two.

Same goes for project management, putting together a team is a vital part of making a project successful. If you do not have the right people in place, the project will not be a success. It is hence important to spend correct amount of time hiring the right team.

AE Talents Group specializes in providing expert assistance in hiring Business Analysis experts and Project Management teams for the companies. We undertake to recruit an entire team based on the project-specific requirement. We formulate plans that describe how a team will be brought together, how everyone will be placed into the project and how each one will be organized.

We plan in detail how people will be brought into the project. Whether companies want a permanent employee, on contract staff or employees on contract to hire, AE Talents Group does it all.

Cloud Computing & IOT

We all know Cloud has proven to be a sustainable computing architecture. AE Talents has helped many businesses adopt Cloud Computing as an important part of their strategy to limit IT infrastructure and management costs. Businesses require highly trained candidates who understand the industry and technologies. It is difficult for them to hire across different verticals and this is where our role comes in. We are a leading staffing agency that places qualified candidates to fill best IT positions in business environments. We have a ready pool of IT talent that can work on different aspects of the projects such as : service-oriented software architecture, app development, database architecture, and enterprise system project management.

We also play an active role and are efficient in building solutions through IOT staffing to fulfill customer requirements.

AE Talents has extensive expertise in fulfilling customer’s business needs through right staffing services. We work with companies to understand their initiatives and provide qualified IT resources to fill each of the roles that guarantee a successful implementation of the projects.

Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

The key asset for any organization is their information – as it plays a crucial role in the decision-making process. Data warehousing, Business Intelligence, database, and reporting tools evolve continually, so must the people and their skills. At AE Talents we help employers identify professionals who understand and satisfy project goals and add value to the enterprise. We also offer candidates challenging opportunities so that they can build strong skills and great careers.

Our data warehousing and business Intelligence assistance span across hiring candidates for data integration, data modeling, data quality, master data management, text, and database administration.

Database Development and Administration

One of the most difficult things to determine is the optimal number of database administrators required to keep a company’s databases online and ensure they operate efficiently. So, staffing a DBA organization is not an easy task, one has to consider several non-trivial points and decide the optimal number of DBAs required. Determining how many DBAs are required is not a precise science. It depends on the number of databases to be supported; more complex will be the job of a DBA if the count is more. It takes longer to create, maintain and tune a larger database.

AE Talents is a full-service database development and administration staffing company that has built a robust community of DBA experts globally. We specifically work on hiring specialists for SQL, Oracle, and Sybase. Many clients turn to us to find specialized expertise or database staff augmentation needs. Our clear mission is to provide best database staffing support with a delivery design that meets their needs.

AE Talents has been successful in acquiring an extensive network of database administrators across many competencies. Our company is proud to offer staffing service to our clients and are confident that our vetting process ensures you hire the best candidates in the industry.

ERP, CRM Implementation and Reimplementation

AE Talents is a leading staffing service provider of innovative enterprise resource and customer relationship management companies. As bottom line pressures are exceeding and executives have to work in a more competitive environment, we help businesses leverage innovation to deliver value through right hiring to streamline operations and improve productivity.

We have a guaranteed placement model that gives us unconditional commitment to complete every search and to meet your expectations. Our experts have established relationships with thousands of professionals and have placed most of them in top firms.

We are experts in recruiting for ERP (SAP) and CRM implementation and reimplementation positions and understand the key skills candidates should acquire to be successful. Whether you need professionals on permanent basis or on contract we provide services that support your ever-changing project needs. We hire on contract basis which allows us to adjust your workforce as needed. Our contract to hire staffing services also allows you to evaluate employees on a contract basis for specific time and then decide whether to offer them a permanent role.

By conducting a thorough interview of the candidates when they apply with us, we ensure we recommend perfect candidates as per the skill sets when openings come up.

Quality Assurance

Companies always have a certain amount of hope and trust involved when they get a new employee on board. They feel they have hired the right candidate and trust the individual would meet the demands of the job. Sometimes, things work out great but sometimes they don’t, and the result is – companies have to pay – big time. The typical cost associated with hiring and training a new employee equals 21% of their salary. If the nature of the job is complex, then turnover costs are much higher.

How can businesses protect themselves from this big loss? Trust AE Talents - where experts have a wide network of Quality Assurance professionals who best fit into the companies. Our experience in quality assurance recruitment is backed by several years. We have processes to keep you out of trouble and can provide professionals at short notice. For us, customer satisfaction is a priority and an important indicator in our hiring process.

Expensive technologies are useless unless an expert trained to eye costly and damaging errors before deployment catches them. Guarantee your customized software and related solutions to be error-free by the deadline by hiring Quality Assurance experts in our network.

Web Development

AE Talents believes in creating lasting impressions for the clients both visually and interactively. We are an award-winning agency delivering web development recruitment solutions that help businesses move forward. We have a huge database of web developers who specialize in Microsoft,, and Java and have created exceptionally good and engaging websites designed keeping both end users and search engines in mind.
Do you know you only have 5 seconds to impress your users with your website? At AE Talents we recruit developers who make it happen through:

- Simple and smart websites that convey your message clearly
- Websites that are easy to navigate and flow like a breeze

You express, and we look for the right candidates – Who can develop websites the way you want! Our cutting-edge recruitment service empowers your business to surge ahead of the competition. Our experts have the capability and great reach which helps us find you best developers who deliver as per the latest industry trends that ensure quality-driven successful implementation of end-to-end web solutions.

Our motto is not just to assist you with web development but to help you create websites that work as an online inquiry generation platform that results in more sales and faster growth.

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